What our clients have to say about our services

"My thanks to UX2 for the services rendered concerning my construction business which is a one-person concern, with seven employees. UX2 frees up my time and affords me peace of mind to give my attention to the core part of my business, which is construction and not bookkeeping, invoicing and all the other concerns. The monthly cost is reasonable for the professional service carried out by the honest and hardworking Personal Assistant sent out to my office these past 18 months."

G.P. Wilton
Gutterpro Aluminium Seamless Gutters

"UX2 assists me in getting to the things that I canít (and sometimes DONíT want to) get to. As a single, client- facing professional, who travels from time to time, I found it difficult to get to things outside of work that needed getting done, especially on the home front. UX2 provided an all-round affordable service that includes sourcing quotes for domestic maintenance/decoration, letting contractors/domestic helper in and out of my home, renewing my vehicle licence, shopping for groceries, etc. This helps me continue my day job unhindered while also freeing me up to spend my free time doing the R and R activities I really want to do."

Mr R. Jacobs
Director: KwaZulu-Natal based, Professional Services Firm